Welcome to your Private Pilot - Chapter 10

How many Global Positioning System satellites are required to yield a three dimensional position (latitude, longitude, and altitude) and time solution?

If receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM) capability is lost in flight...

A VORTAC station is represented by

How many satellites make up the Global Positioning System (GPS)?

When the course deviation indicator (CDI) needle is centered using a VOR test signal (VOT), the omnibearing selector (OBS) and the TO/FROM indicator should read

A GPS with an expired database may be used

What symbol would indicate a VORTAC location on an airport?

Can a GPS be used as an altimeter?

The VOR is tuned to the Ranger VORTAC. The omnibearing selector (OBS) is set on 256°, with a TO indication, and a left course deviation indicator (CDI) deflection. What is the aircraft's position from the VORTAC?

Refer to Figure 25, area 5.

The navigation facility at Dallas-Ft. Worth International (DFW) is a