What do some of our Race City Flight Operations family have to say? Take a look….

  • Your training partner is your single, largest key to success as a private pilot. After realizing another flight school was not the right fit for me, I came to Race City Flight Ops for two reasons. 1. Results - you will be able to accomplish more, quicker due to efficient planning of your training time. 2. Relationships - the owner knows me by name, checks in on my progress, and is as committed to my success as I am. The entire staff takes the time to get to know you, they know the date of my checkride and are always interested in my success. Having a group of aviation enthusiasts who are “all in” on your success is a key part of you achieving your aviation goals!
  • Great planes, resources, and instruction. Race city provided me with everything I needed to achieve my private rating on my timeline. The crash course ground school helps you have a solid foundation when first learning to fly.
  • I would highly recommend race city to anyone looking to learn to fly. The main difference is their people. They will take the time to cater to your specific needs by customizing a plan that works for you. Flying over lake Norman each flight is a bonus!
  • Race city made getting my private pilots license easy. With plenty of aircraft and instructors available, I never struggled to schedule lessons. I felt prepared for my check ride and passed the first attempt!
  • Race City is a fun, exciting flight school that truly hones in on making your dreams possible. They made me feel like I was a part of the Race City family from day one. The staff is awesome and the flight school provides a great atmosphere to learn and achieve your flying goals. The Lake Norman Airpark is about as exciting of an airport to learn at as you can get.
  • I enjoyed the careful mix of professional & casual instruction provided by Jarrett. We developed a more personal relationship not found at other flight schools around the Lake Norman & Charlotte area. The laid back atmosphere makes students feel comfortable while the professionalism creates better and safer pilots.