Discovery Flight


A Discovery Flight is a mini flight lesson. We offer gift certificates for these as well. The person taking the discovery flights will get a chance to take the controls under the watchful guidance of a FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Your introductory flight will be approximately 30 minutes. Prior to taking your flight, your instructor will walk you through preflighting the aircraft to gain a basic understanding of what pilots do before their flight to insure that the aircraft is in airworthy condition.

The time can be entered in a temporary logbook and will count toward the 40 hour FAA training requirement when you continue training. This is a deeply discounted price from a normal lesson, but we can only offer one of these per student due to TSA security regulations. However, additional lesson time can be purchased at our normal rates after enrollment and proof of citizenship.

Discovery Flights are $179 per flight.

Are you thinking about a discovery flight but want to see what it’s like? Afraid of small airplanes? Watch a full length discovery flight before you decide to come out!

Must be 15 years or older.

Discovery Flights are available seven days a week. Schedule a Discovery Flight by contacting us at 704-662-6227 and buy one here.

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