At Race City Flight Operations, we have full and part time flight instructors, highly experienced and well versed in the regulations and safety needed to ensure there is no question your training will be unparalleled in quality and satisfaction. Our instructors work as a team, so you may have one instructor for a portion of your flying and may finish with another instructor, or you may get to fly with another instructor for just a few flights at various “stage” checks.


    Flight Instructor (CFI/I/MEI)

    Hey, my name is Nathan! I’ve been wanting to be a pilot since I was a kid. I was introduced to flying at a young age when my Grandma’s brother took me up a few times in his plane. I enjoyed every second of it! I finally started pursuing my passion in 2020. I got my private license in 2022, through Race City, and then went on to ATP to get my CFI/I/MEI in 2023. I am looking forward to introducing people to flying. There is no better feeling than getting to fly a plane in my opinion. I am excited to get to work with the school that started it all for me and share my passion with others!


    Flight Instructor (CFI/I/MEI)

    Hey, I’m Elliott! I’ve always had a passion for aviation since I was a young child. My 5th birthday was spent watching planes take off from KMIA, however I never considered it for a career. After spending 13 years working in motorsports from the grass roots level, to most recently at the Cup level at Team Penske, I decided it was time to attempt a second career. Aviation has been nothing but rewarding since I made that choice. If your dream is to fly, come allow us to help you reach your goals. No one ever regrets becoming a pilot. See you soon!


    Flight Instructor (CFI/I/MEI)

    Hi! My name is Chloe. My career in aviation began in 2018 when I left my job in the marketing industry to become a flight attendant. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I took a voluntary leave to prevent company furloughs and decided to pursue my private pilot’s license. In 2023, my husband and I moved from Pittsburgh down to the Charlotte area where I completed my instrument through MEI ratings (Pittsburgh is a great city, but it is not the best flying weather for General Aviation).  Throughout my five years as a flight attendant, I absolutely loved the airline industry and the quality of life it offered. My main goal is to get back to the airlines with a new front-seat view. I’m excited to make it to my goal through flight instruction and can’t wait to fly with you!


    Flight Instructor (CFI/I/MEI)

    Hey! I’m Zach Stearns, I started flying in the summer of 2021 and developed a passion for it pretty quickly. I grew up in the lake Norman area and attended Hough High School before going to South Carolina for college. Around my junior year, I realized I didn’t want to work in an office and had a passion for traveling as well. Aviation seemed like a great career path! There seemed like no better office than the sky and why not get paid to travel while I’m at it? I went to ATP flight school after I graduated where I got my private up to my MEI ratings. I instructed there for about a year and then decided to change things up and come here! I love the family style instruction here and hope to fly with you soon!