Become an RCFO Student

Enough answers? Have you seen enough of our YouTube videos, and read through enough of our FAQ? You’re just ready to get started and let’s get flying! Here are your NEXT STEPS to becoming a Race City Flight Operations student!


Well, we have some paperwork you should fill out and bring to your first lesson.

  1. First Steps After your Discovery Flight
  2. New Student Form
  3. Rental Agreement March 2023

Make a Medical Appt

Andrew Gross Bruce Seaton Gerald T. Ahigian Aram Alexanian
131 Medical Park Dr Suite 308

Mooresville, NC 28117

357 Williamson Road


Mooresville, NC 28117

2266 N Hwy 16


Denver, NC 28037

9930 Kincey Ave Suite 210

Huntersville, NC 28078

704.660.2640 704.660.5102 704.483.2200 704.316.5560

Are these doctors not close to you? Go to the FAA Website and look for “AME” Aviation Medical Examiners in your area.

Citizenship Verification

If you are a US Citizen-go find your US Passport, and if you don’t have a US Passport, go find your birth certificate. We’ll need a USA birth certificate and a government photo ID, or a US Passport to verify your citizenship. Once you find that, Email us a picture of it to [email protected] so we can get started setting up your file!

If you’re not a US Citizen-you’ll need to review our Foreign National FAQ and get started on the TSA Verification.

Ground School

Time to figure out which ground school you’d like to take. There are lots of options when it comes to ground school. This is the foundational classroom knowledge you will need as a private pilot. There are options like King Schools, Fly8MA, or our own Race City Flight Operations course.

You need to pick a course that fits you and your schedule. The RCFO course is a hybrid online and in person course that includes all of the textbooks, materials and tools you’ll need to be a safe and competent pilot. Once you’ve watched the online RCFO videos, we will get together for a wrap up in person class to answer every question you have and get you prepared for the written test.


  1. Make a FlightSchedulePro account. FlightSchedulePro SignUp
  2. Call us to verify your account, and we’ll help you setup your first lesson.
  3. You’ll get an email from FlightSchedulePro that confirms your account is verified.
  4. Download the iOS App or bookmark the website for future use on your phone, tablet or computer!
  5. Start scheduling your lessons by letting us know your availability-by our form or by email.