You already know you want to fly. You look to the skies when you hear an airplane flying overhead. You already see yourself living the airline dream. If you are ready to completely immerse yourself in pilot training, then join our Career Pilot Program and get flying!

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A few ground rules:

  1. This is a high intensity training program that requires dedication and hard work from the student to complete. The goal is to get your certificates as quickly as possible and make you airline ready in the process. If you’re a fast learner and ready to make it in the airline industry this program will bring you from 0 hours to CFII in 8 months. We recommend that you adjust your schedule to make this your highest priority. If you start to lag behind or struggle, communicate with the school and we will ensure you are kept up to speed. Getting too far behind may put you into a different class.
  2. Each week, unless the weather is bad, you must hit your target hours. The instructor will schedule most of the flights, but if you are available, schedule more flights.
  3. The instructor in charge will schedule flights for the week. If there is a conflict, let the instructor know as soon as possible so other students can be placed into the aircraft. If you are sick or otherwise need to cancel a flight, let the instructor or front desk know as soon as possible. Your last minute cancellation will hurt your schedule and others.
  4. All flights will need at least 2 people in the airplane at all times to ensure the hours are being kept. This allows for real world cross countries, where the bulk of experience will be attained.
  5. The entire course cost is due by your class start date. If you have made other arrangements, the remainder of the course cost is due at the beginning of instrument training. While we understand that life events or goals change, we will allow refunds during the private pilot phase of the training-you may find that being a pilot is something you’re not ready for. If, in the unfortunate situation, you find yourself wanting to exit the program after the private pilot phase, pro-rated refunds will be possible, but will be charged at the full rate of instruction instead of any inherent discount due to the program. Things are moving fast, checkrides and additional classes are being committed to, which require down payments.
  6. Before the 1st class date, you are required to get a 1st class medical exam. Contact us for local doctors offices if you don’t already have one.


  • Each week, the hour requirement per the schedule is a minimum.
  • Each flight should consist of at least one 50nm cross country leg.
  • Each flight should have either an instructor on board or one student wearing foggles.
  • Within 8 months but no longer than 12 months, you will become a Commercial Single & Multi Engine Pilot (CSEL, CMEL), Certified Flight Instructor with Instruments (CFI/I).

Our packages are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you’d like financing, look here. Ready to sign up? Complete the form below and we’ll give you a call! To let you know: We may text or call you, so by completing this form you do consent to our text message service but we’ll only use it to send relevant text messages for our flight school, your training, and won’t overload you with messages-no more than 5 or 10 messages if we need to get in touch with you. There will be a “STOP” option too.

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