Welcome to your Instrument Rating – Stage 5 Exam

No pilot may act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft under IFR or in weather conditions less than the minimums prescribed for VFR unless that pilot has, within the preceding 6 calendar months, completed at least

If the aircraft’s transponder fails during flight within Class B airspace,

The pilot in command of a civil aircraft must have an instrument rating only when operating

When may a pilot cancel the IFR flight plan prior to completing the flight?

Which types of airspace are depicted on the En Route Low Altitude Chart?

Under what condition is pressure altitude and density altitude the same value?

What is an indication that downdrafts have developed and the thunderstorm cell has entered the mature stage?

Under which condition does advection fog usually form?

A high cloud is composed mostly of

In what localities is advection fog most likely to occur?

When is the temperature at one of the forecast altitudes omitted at a specific location or station in the Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecast (FB)?

Decode the excerpt from the Winds and Temperature Aloft Forecast (FB) for OKC at 39,000 feet.

FT .....3000.....6000........39000 

OKC ..................................830558 

Which response most closely interprets the following PIREP?

UA/OV OKC 063064/TM 1522/FL080/TP C172/TA M04/WV 245040/TB LGT/RM IN CLR 

A prognostic chart depicts the conditions

What is the MDA and visibility criteria respectively for the S 33 approach procedure?

How can a pilot determine if a Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in an aircraft is approved for IFR enroute and IFR approaches?

Determine the time to be entered in block 10 of the flight plan. Use the wind entry closest to the flight planned altitude.

Route of flight Figures 38, 39, and 40 

Flight log & MAG VAR Figure 39 



ABI ...................2033+13...2141+13...2142+05

What is the maximum altitude that you may flight plan an IFR flight on V-86 EASTBOUND between BOZEMAN and BILLINGS VORTACs?

What is the minimum crossing altitude over the BOZEMAN VORTAC for a flight southeast bound on V86?

Which indications are acceptable tolerances when checking both VOR receivers by use of the VOT?

A particular instrument departure procedure requires a minimum climb rate of 210 feet per NM to 8,000 feet. If you climb with a ground speed of 140 knots, what is the rate of climb required in feet per minute?

Which condition is guaranteed for all of the following altitude limits: MAA, MCA, MRA, MOCA, and MEA? (Non-mountainous area.)

Pilots on IFR flights seeking ATC in-flight weather avoidance assistance should keep in mind that

What procedure should be followed if communications are lost before reaching 9,000 feet?

Of the following, which is the minimum acceptable rate of climb (feet per minute) to 9,000 feet required for the WASH2 WAGGE departure at a GS of 150 knots?

If, while in Class E airspace, a clearance is received to “maintain VFR conditions on top,” the pilot should maintain a VFR cruising altitude based on the direction of the

You arrive over the 15 DME fix on a heading of 350°. Which holding pattern correctly complies with the ATC clearance below, and what is the recommended entry procedure?


The symbol on the plan view of the VOR/DME or GPS-A procedure at 7D3 represents a minimum safe sector altitude within 25 NM of

How does a pilot determine if DME is available on an ILS/LOC?

Which range facility associated with the ILS is identified by the last two letters of the localizer identification group?

Which of these facilities may be substituted for an MM during a complete ILS IAP?

When using GPS for navigation and instrument approaches, any required alternate airport must have

Which instruments are considered to be supporting instruments for pitch during change of airspeed in a level turn?

What should be the indication on the magnetic compass as you roll into a standard rate turn to the left from an east heading in the Northern Hemisphere?

If the outside air temperature increases during a flight at constant power and at a constant indicated altitude, the true airspeed will

The primary reason the angle of attack must be increased, to maintain a constant altitude during a coordinated turn, is because the

When icing is detected, particularly while operating an aircraft without deicing equipment, the pilot should

For a stabilized approach, the aircraft would be in a configuration for approach or landing and descending at about