Private Pilot Gift Set


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This is the easiest way for you to give your friends or family the first big step into learning how to fly! Our gift set includes the books, the ground school class and 2 hours of ground instruction and 1 hour of flight instruction to get started. The knowledge you’ll receive at Race City Flight Operations can be applied anywhere, so if you are moving out of the area, or you are in the Charlotte area for just a few weeks, get started with the highest quality training and take it home with you!

Textbook Kit
This includes our textbook kit we use for our private pilot training. The Pilot’s Manual Flight and Ground School textbooks can answer any question you have during your private pilot training. The Oral Exam guide will help you prepare for the oral questions your examiner can ask you on your pilot checkride. And our Cessna 172S or 152 Standard Operating Procedures and Maneuvers Manual will tell you how to fly each and every maneuver you would ever need to perform!

Ground School
Our weekend private pilot ground school course is an accelerated offering that lets you get the knowledge you need and get to flight training! We will meet from 10AM to 4PM on each of the 4 days, plan to attend all of the days of class to ensure you will pass your final exam with the FAA. Lunch will be provided and all of the materials that you will need for the course.
Course Syllabus
Airplane and Aerodynamics
Airplane Instruments, Engines, and Systems
Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace
Federal Aviation Regulations
Airplane Performance & Weight and Balance
Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making
Aviation Weather
Aviation Weather Services
Navigation: Charts and Publications
Navigation Systems
Cross-country Flight Planning
Ground Lesson
For two hours, you will get an immense amount of knowledge about the airplane you’re about to fly. We’ll give you a great foundation so you know what to look for on your future lessons.
Flight Lesson
For one hour, we’ll get you in the air and get started learning the basics about flying. We’ll get you flying and working through our ASA Private Pilot Syllabus!

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