At Race City Flight Operations, we are constantly trying to improve for our students. You are our #1 priority! If at any time you feel like your instructor or the crew at Race City is not putting you first-please don't hesitate to let management know!

This survey is intended to be an anonymous (we have an optional contact form at the end if you want a follow up) way to gage how you are doing as a student and how we are doing as your flight school!

How did you hear about us?

Are you a student or renter?

How long have you been a student or renter at Race City Flight Operations?

In the last 6 months, have you flown more or less than you wanted? (Tell us why)

How long have you been working on your current rating?

What stage and module of the Syllabus are you working on?

How likely are you to recommend your instructor to another student?

How likely are you to recommend Race City Flight Operations to a friend interested in learning to fly?

Do you want more structure in your flight training?

Beyond using the appropriate ASA Syllabus, structure here means scheduling, stage checks, goals, and ensuring outcomes are being held accountable to ensure you are getting the best ability to achieve your goals!

What is the purpose of your renting?

When you are at Race City Flight Operations, do you feel welcomed and like you are in a friendly environment?

Overall, do you feel Race City Flight Operations has provided a positive aviation experience?

What would you like to see next at Race City Flight Operations?


OPTIONAL: Contact info (email or phone number)

Thank you for your time!