Welcome to your Private Pilot - Chapter 5

What is the antidote when a pilot has a hazardous attitude, such as "Macho"?

(Refer to Figure 52.) Where is Loup City Municipal located with relation to the city?

An ATC radar facility issues the following advisory to a pilot during a local flight: "TRAFFIC 2 O'CLOCK, 5 MILES, NORTHBOUND..." Where should the pilot look for this traffic?

Who should not participate in the Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) program?

When should pilots state their position on the airport when calling the tower for takeoff?

What is the difference between area A and area E on the airport depicted

When flying HAWK N666CB, the proper phraseology for initial contact with McAlester AFSS is

A left turn at this intersection would place the aircraft

The "runway hold position" sign denotes

When turning onto a taxiway from another taxiway, the "taxiway directional sign" indicates