Welcome to your Instrument Rating - Stage 2 Exam

What record shall be made in the aircraft log or other permanent record by the pilot making the VOR operational check?

Which checks and inspections of flight instruments or instrument systems must be accomplished before an aircraft can be flown under IFR?

What minimum navigation equipment is required for IFR flight?

When checking a dual VOR system by use of a VOT, which illustration indicates the VOR's are satisfactory?

In which publication can the VOR receiver ground checkpoint(s) for a particular airport be found?

As a rule of thumb, to minimize DME slant range error, how far from the facility should you be to consider the reading as accurate?

What angular deviation from a VOR course centerline is represented by a full-scale deflection of the CDI?

When using VOR for navigation, which of the following should be considered as station passage?

If the radio magnetic Indicator is tuned to a VOR, which illustration indicates the aircraft is on the 335° radial?

If the radio magnetic indicator is tuned to a VOR, which illustration indicates the aircraft is on the 010° radial?

In which general direction from the VORTAC is the aircraft located?

When installed with the ILS and specified in the approach procedures, DME may be used

How wide is an SDF course?

While flying a 3° glide slope, a constant tailwind shears to calm wind. Which conditions should the pilot expect?

Which range facility associated with the ILS is identified by the last two letters of the localizer identification group?

Which indications will a pilot receive where an IM is installed on a front course ILS approach?

When tracking inbound on the localizer, which o the following is the proper procedure regarding drift corrections?

The primary purpose of runway end identifier lights, installed at many airfields, is to provide

During a "no-gyro" approach and prior to being handed off to the final approach controller, the pilot should make all turns

Hand-held GPS systems certified for VFR operation, may be used during IFR operations as

On a GPS approach, the GPS/HSI shows an LNAV/VNAV flag. What should you do?

In what circumstances would a baro-VNAV approach not be authorized?

While on GPS approach, you receive a RAIM annunciation about the status of RAIM reliability.

As part of your GPS preflight planning, RAIM prediction should be verified. This means that

On a WAAS-capable GPS approach, what is the significance of "LNAV+V" being displayed?