Welcome to your Commercial Pilot – Stage 1 Exam

When the angle-of-attack of a symmetrical airfoil is increased, the center of pressure will

A symmetrical airfoil moving through the air at zero degrees angle-of-attack

The lift generated by an airfoil is

If the airplane attitude remains in a new position after the control column is pressed forward and released, the airplane is said to display

If the airplane attitude oscillates about its original position before gradually settling down after the control column is pressed forward and released, the airplane is said to display

Longitudinal dynamic instability in an airplane can be identified by

If a tire has moved so that the creep marks are out of alignment, then

Most light airplane braking systems are operated

How many hours are required for completion of the Commercial Certificate, following a Part 141 program?

What is density altitude?

If a pilot changes the altimeter setting from 30.11 to 29.96, what is the approximate change in indication?

In the Northern Hemisphere, a magnetic compass will normally indicate a turn toward the north if

Minimum thrust for steady cruise flight occurs at

At the airspeed represented by point “B,” in steady flight the pilot can expect to obtain the airplane’s maximum

While maintaining a constant bank angle and altitude in a coordinated turn, an increase in airspeed will

During a night flight, you observe a steady white light and a flashing red light ahead and at the same altitude. What is the general direction of movement of the other aircraft?

To best overcome the effects of spatial disorientation, a pilot should

In a nonpressurized airplane, at high altitudes, the amount of oxygen that diffuses across the lung membranes and into the blood is

If a pilot does not meet the recency of experience requirements for night flight and official sunset is 1800 CST, the latest time passengers should be carried is

For 14 CFR Part 135 Operations, the airplane flight manual specifies a maximum altitude loss of 75 feet for malfunction of the autopilot under cruise conditions. What is the lowest altitude above the terrain the autopilot may be used during enroute operations?

Which is required equipment for powered aircraft during VFR night flights?

In theory, if the angle of attack and other factors remain constant and the airspeed is doubled, the lift produced at the higher speed will be

How much altitude will this airplane lose in 3 miles of gliding at an angle of attack of 8°?

Stall speed is affected by

If the same angle of attack is maintained in ground effect as when out of ground effect, lift will

Which procedure should you follow to avoid wake turbulence if a large jet crosses your course from left to right approximately 1 mile ahead and at your altitude?

What is the operational difference between the turn coordinator and the turn-and-slip indicator? The turn coordinator

A pilot is entering an area where significant clear air turbulence has been reported. Which action is appropriate upon encountering the first ripple?

What flight time must be shown, in a reliable record, by a pilot exercising the privileges of a commercial certificate?

14 CFR Part 135 applies to which operation?