The aviation industry is cyclical, and right now is a huge wave of pilot demand. Between cargo, passenger, private and corporate pilots-there is a huge need for pilots. Your instructor most likely has dreams of flying in one of these roles, but they don’t value you or your instruction any less. As the instructor gains hours, they are getting closer and closer to the next step to their ultimate dream pilot career. Our flight school keeps our instructors busy, so they are quickly moving to their goals, and if you take a break for a month or two, your instructor may be ready to take the next step. Check in with the front desk, and we’ll get you transitioned to another excellent instructor. Since we’re all working off of the same syllabus, there isn’t much of that “wasteful flight time” with a new instructor getting checked out. We know where you were before your break, and we know there will be a little bit of rust to knock off, but once you get back to a steady schedule of flight training, you’ll be moving just as fast as your schedule will allow!