Race City Flight Operations is approved by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide flight training to non-US citizens through the TSA’s Alien Flight Student Program. Registration and application only applies to those seeking “Initial Training” (Sport, Recreational, or Private Pilot Certification), Instrument Rating, or Multi-engine Rating.  The steps are quite simple:

1)      Go to the TSA’s website and register for an account in the Candidate Registration Portal here.

2)      Once you have entered your information and created an account, you will then select a service provider (Race City Flight Operations) and provide the specifics about the flight course you want to take. If you are interested in Private Pilot or Instrument Pilot programs, you would fill this in. You will be using a Cessna 172 or Cessna 152 aircraft.

3)      You will be training under “Category 3” since the airplanes you will be training in are under 12,500 pounds. Once you completed and submitted the registration, the TSA will review it and notify the flight school to ensure we are aware of your request.

4)      Once the TSA receives the flight school’s response, they will email you a link to have a preliminary background check performed. This will cost about $130 and can be paid online.

5)      Usually within 1-day, the background check will come back and both you and the flight school will be notified that you have “preliminary authorization” for training, but you still cannot fly yet. This email will additionally provide instructions on the final step of getting your fingerprints taken and having them processed through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) database.

6)      Approximately 3-4 days from getting your fingerprints taken, both you and the flight school will receive another email that you now have final approval and you may now begin your flight training! As a final step in the process, when you come in for your first lesson, we will need to take a picture of you to upload to your TSA account.

Once you have completed your course of instruction, we will simply notify the TSA and that account will be closed.  If you plan to take an additional course that also requires approval (e.g. Instrument Rating), you will need to go through the course selection process again, but do not have to get fingerprinted.

Remember, we’re with you every step of the way and available if you have questions or need help!

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