Flight Instructor (CFI/I/MEI)

Hey there! My name is Jarret Page I’m 24 years old. A little about myself, as a child I grew up watching my Dad work on F-16s at Joint Base Andrews in PG County, MD. Seeing the sheer power of those jets and how they maneuvered had me hooked on aviation at a young age. My grandmother was also in the Air Force so she always had bought me aviation books when I was young. When I was 12 I had my first discovery flight in a Cessna 172. I couldn’t see over the dash but man was I excited! A close friend of mine’s father had bought a Cherokee when we were in high school and offered to instruct us. That’s when I began pursuing aviation. I took a four year break to go to school. After I had gone to college I finished my Private Pilot’s License in 2021 here at Race City FO. Every time I get in an airplane I can genuinely say it does not feel like work. As challenging as it may be it still brings a smile to my face every day. My goal in aviation is to continue to love flying no matter where I end up. I plan to get my 1500 hours as an instructor and then pursue a career flying for either the airlines or with a private jet operation. I love when others have a passion for aviation. It motivates me to see others working towards their dreams and helping you get there is what I’m here for. I hope we get to share this amazing experience together! We look forward to seeing you here at Race City!!