How Much Does it Cost to Learn to Fly?

Our Cessna 172 rents for $145 per flight hour and our instructors are $60 per hour. Our RedBird Simulator is $55 per hour.

For Private Pilots, some flight time is flown solo or without your instructor and some flight time is with the instructor. Your instructor will work with you and on a day when you have a lesson, you may have a pre-flight briefing, a flight and then a post-flight debriefing. As an example lesson, the total time you spent with your flight instructor was 2 hours. The total flight time was 1 hour and 18 minutes (1.3 hours). Your total cost for this lesson would be $266.50: $188.50 for the airplane and $78 for the flight instructor. Later in your training, when you fly alone, the only charge would be for the flight time.

For Instrument students and beyond, use of the simulator is $55 per hour in addition to the flight instructor that will “fly” alongside you and will run the simulator.

For questions about how to pay for all of this flight training, Race City Flight Operations is proud to be partnering with Stratus Financial to fund your flight training. Check out our financing page to find out how to start today!