What is the difference between Race City Flight Operations and some of the other “big” schools in the area?

Race City Flight Operations is a small, student and training focused flight school that is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under Part 61 of the Federal Regulations. Under Part 61, Race City instructors will instruct you based on your schedule, the weather and the circumstances of each and every flight we take. To become a pilot, the student must master maneuvers, flight planning, weight and balance calculations and performance characteristics for the airplane. As an example, if you have a flight scheduled with your instructor on a rainy day, other flight schools might cancel your flight or go flying even though the weather won’t be conducive to your training.

At Race City Flight Operations, we have the flexibility and training centered focus to keep you training and moving forward, so we may change the flight from a maneuvers flight to instead review the weather, meteorology and other flight planning factors that may affect a similar flight in the future once you become a pilot. With so many variables that can affect any training flight, why be held to a rigid schedule or syllabus?

The other flight schools that you may have seen a brochure or advertisement in the area, are regulated under Part 141. These flight schools have a rigorous training syllabus that requires each flight be followed by another objective flight and each flight is validated in reference to the requirements of each flight. If the weather did not allow a requirement to be completed during the flight, the flight will be recorded as incomplete and that requirement will have to be redone on the next flight. There is no flexibility or customization when these types of programs are required to be completed in such a short time.