Flight Instructor (CFI)

My first real exposure to flight was won through a lucky coin toss when I was about 10 years old. Winning that coin toss gave me the opportunity to go up for a glider ride with my uncle who is a glider instructor. Ever since that flight I just wanted to be involved in aviation. I tried to fly as much as I could whenever I could. About a year after high school I started to dedicate a lot of my time to obtain my private pilots license. I was pouring concrete as my full time job, then after work I would get to the airport as fast as I could to go train. Lots of time and effort later I achieved my private pilots license. I remember thinking there was no better feeling, I was all about it. Being an instructor now it is my number one goal to provide safe and educational flight training to upcoming students. Flying is something I truly love and I can’t wait to share it with others. Meet you on the flight line!