Airline Pilot Training Admissions Flight and Discovery Flight!

Training to become an airline pilot? You’ll want to make sure you’re ready to soar! The process is long but fun! Join one of our flight instructors to Discover Your Wings!

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About Us

At Race City Flight Operations, we value high quality flight instruction over quick instruction. Race City Flight Operations works to improve, innovate, and make a better environment and training program for our students. Our goal is to help create pilots – whether you want to be an airline pilot or a hobby pilot-great and safe pilots instead of using the minimums as the completion standards. We believe, if they are taught to be great pilots, they will be safe and competent pilots months and years after their training.

Airline Pilot Training Discovery and Admissions Flight

Race City Flight Operations has been recognized for its high standard of accomplishment in flight training by The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the world’s largest aviation association. Race City Flight Operations has been awarded a spot on the Flight Training Experience Awards as a Distinguished Flight School, a title given to high scoring flight schools & instructors from the 2024 Flight Training Experience Survey.

The 2024 awards were drawn from flight students and pilots who voluntarily reviewed their flight training experience this past fall through an AOPA online customer satisfaction survey. The process yielded an evaluation of 780 different flight schools and 1,202 individual flight instructors.

Our Training Program

We’ve made Race City Flight Operations your preferred flight school to learn to fly, whether your goal is an airline pilot career, commercial pilot or family hobby pilot. By making the student the priority, we are focused on you and your success! Start your airline pilot training and career FAST! We are dedicated to you and your goals, so we use a syllabus for all of your training. By using a syllabus, just like your airline pilot career training, and just like your previous school education, we ensure you know your path and can prepare for lessons on your own time. Before you show up for a lesson, you can read our available textbooks, watch YouTube videos, or reread your notes from our ground school course. Why pay for your training twice if you would prefer to study on your own time? We know your time is valuable, but we also understand your money is just as valuable. We make sure your airline pilot training, your commercial pilot training, or your family hobby pilot training is focused on you and getting you trained quickly but making sure you are safe and competent! Our aircraft fleet is the same, so if your usual airplane is being used by another airline pilot career student, you will be able to fly in the same airplane. Don’t get fooled by a high wing or a low wing airplane as an easy replacement-there are differences and when you are airline pilot training and working on becoming a safe and competent pilot, why not focus on your training first and then work on learning different airplanes. Just like when you are an airline pilot, you will fly one type of airplane all day, every airplane is the same, so why not train the same way. For your private pilot training, we will focus on your training with one primary instructor and a backup instructor if they are unavailable. The trust and relationship you develop with your pre-solo instructor is very important, so we want to ensure your success with an instructor who knows you and your personality. If you don’t like your instructor or would rather try another instructor, we have plenty of other instructors to work with to ensure your success. All of our instructors understand when students want to switch to another instructor. When it comes time to get instrument training, we have a great simulator that we start. Just like airline pilot training, we “fly” in the simulator to train on the procedures, before we go fly the airplane. It’s an important difference, that lets us efficiently use your time and your money to make you a safe and competent airline pilot. Nothing is more important than your training, so we use ground instruction and the simulator to ensure you are prepared to fly. Once you are done with instrument training, commercial pilot training becomes really fun. The requirements to become a commercial pilot have time minimums, so there will be time to fly around and have fun. We know that your airline pilot training can be challenging, but very rewarding, so we want to ensure when there is time to have fun but still be productive.
We are all here to ensure your success in your airline pilot training, commercial pilot training or family hobby training. We get it-we are just like you!

Why Race City Flight Operations?

-We are one of the best flight schools to become a COMMERCIAL pilot, AIRLINE pilot or your FAMILY pilot!

-Small runway creates CONFIDENCE anywhere you go.

-AATD FLIGHT SIMULATOR continues training through unfavorable flying weather.

-In-house MAINTENANCE ensures our planes are always available to our students.

-FRIENDLY and DEDICATED team members.

-COMPETITIVE PRICES with flight schools in the area.

-Available for flight lessons 7 days a week allowing FLEXIBILITY for every student’s schedule.

-HOUSING is available for out of region students. Get out of the bad weather and trying with us!

Our Instructors!

Our flight instructors are dedicated to our students’ goals. The student may be an airline pilot career hopeful, or the student may just casually want to learn how to fly. Either way-the priority is always the student. By teaching from a syllabus, your progress will never be held up by a vacation or sickness.

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