Redbird TD2 BATD

Redbird TD2 Simulator (BATD)

Offering an all weather instructional platform, the Redbird TD2 Simulator allows Race City Flight Operations to offer high performance, complex, instrument or visual instruction even when it’s sleeting and snowing outside! This simulator is located at our LKN (Lake Norman Airport – 14A) Location. The RedBird TD2 has the Cygnus Pro Wireless attachment which allows you to connect to your ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot and simulate you actually flying in the airplane while you’re practicing your instrument skills.  

Steam Gage Panel

Under the current FAA Letter of Authorization, this Basic Aviation Training Device can be used for:
61.51(b)(3) – Logbook entries;
61.51(h) – Logging training time;
61.57(c)(2) – Instrument experience;
61.65(i) – Instrument rating: not more than 10 hours;
61.109(k)(1) – Private Pilot Certificate Aeronautical experience: up to 2.5 hours;
141.41(b) – Approved for use under the part 141 appendices as follows:
-Appendix B – Up to 15% towards the total Private Pilot training time requirements; and
-Appendix C – Up to 25% toward the total Instrument training timerequirements.


Note: Minimum training or experience requirements for cross country, night, solo, takeoffs and landings, and the 3 hours of training with an authorized instructor in preparation for the practical test within the preceding 2 calendar months from the month of the test must be accomplished in an aircraft. Private Pilot Airplane applicants must also complete the minimum requirement for 3 hours of control and maneuvering of an airplane solely by reference to instruments specified in § 61.109 in an airplane. No portion of the practical test, type specific training credit or Instrument Proficiency Check can be conducted in a BATD. Additionally, the flight portion of a flight review specified in § 61.56(a) cannot be accomplished in a BATD.

FAA Certification Letter  
Redbird TD2 User Guide