Learn to Fly

Here are the steps to get you in to the Pilot's Seat

1. Discovery flight
Race City Flight Operations offers a hands-on introductory course called a Discovery Flight; the instructor will first guide you through a preflight inspection, where you will learn the different airplane’s parts and flight controls. Then the instructor will take you on a thrill of a lifetime, letting you take control of the safe, reliable Cessna Aircraft for the first time. You’ll be able to record these hours into your pilot logbook. Call today for the special on Discovery Flights at 704-662-6227.
2. Get your Aviation Medical Certificate
A complete Medical exam is required to get your Student Pilot Certificate. There are a few health conditions that may prevent your pilot’s certificate.
3. Start your Flight Training
Use our interactive programs designed with videos and full-motion diagrams of the course material to complement your actual flight experience. This program never expire, so you can take your time learning the material that you need to begin your journey toward achieving a pilot’s certificate.
4. Study, Practice and Learn
Ground school studies and practice flights with your instructor will help you learn the principles of flight and will prepare you for your solo flight.
5. Make your First solo flight
Once you’ve reached a certain point in Cessna Flight Training System, and your instructor feels you are ready, you will take your first solo flight. This includes the pilot completing a takeoff, a short flight and a safe landing by him or herself.
6. Fine Tune your skills
Fly as much as possible to gain experience and build upon everything you learned prior to your first solo flight, both with an instructor and on your own.
7. Take the written and flight exam
A written exam will precede your oral and flight exam with an FAA-designated examiner.
8. Keep Flying
Once you get your pilots certificate, get as much experience as possible, get involved and stay connected. Most importantly: Keep flying!