JOHN DENNIS, Chief Flight Instructor

I have been a flight instructor since I was 21 years old, just over 40 years ago.  I have my Airline Transport Pilot certificate – Single and Multi-engine ratings; Commercial ratings in Single-engine Seaplanes and Gliders; Flight Instructor certificates – Single, Multi, Instrument and Glider; Ground Instructor certificates – Advance and Instrument, Air Traffic Controller certificates at TCL, CSG, LGC, AUO, LAL, MQI, PIM, AHN and ATL.  My total flight time is just over 7000 hours with over 3000 hours as a Flight Instructor.

I worked my way through college as a Flight Instructor from 1975-1978 at Auburn University.  I served as one of the Assistant Chief Flight Instructors.  This is where I received most of my advanced ratings.  I have had many part-time pilot/ flight instructor jobs including working as a glider instructor/ tow pilot, power-line patrol, forestry patrol, and air taxi. My wife (also a pilot) and I own a Piper Arrow IV that we keep in our hangar at our home on Lake Norman Airpark.

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DANNY LOZANOFlight Instructor

I began flying in 1996 at Jacksonville University. This is where I earned most of my pilot certificates and ratings. I began flight instructing in my junior year and have been doing it ever since. Aside from teaching, I have flown as a charter pilot, night cargo pilot, regional airline pilot, and major airline pilot. Currently I hold an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with over 10,000 hours of flight time. Although I have extensive flight instructing experience, I am Race City Flight Operations’ newest flight instructor.

My role with Race City is teaching Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot ground schools. As for flight training, I focus primarily on training licensed pilots to fly in zero visibility conditions. This is known as “instrument training”. Pilots learn how to control and navigate their airplanes solely by reference to the cockpit instruments. At the completion of their training and testing, these pilots have earned an “Instrument Rating”. Have you ever wondered how pilots takeoff and land in foggy conditions or fly through clouds? Instrument training equips pilots with the necessary skills to do this.

Whether you are interested in aviation as a career, recreation, or something in between, I or one of our other dedicated instructors can help you achieve your goals. Feel free to call or email me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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BLAKE DUNLAPFlight Instructor

I am a new flight instructor with Race City Flight Ops with a passion for aviation. I am 21 years old pursuing a career in aviation following my father’s footsteps who has had a great airline career at U.S Airways. I started flying at a young age and by age 19, I had received my commercial in single and multi-engine aircraft with my instrument rating. I have about 1000 hours total time currently with the majority of my time flying as a contract pilot for a few local businesses.

Being a born and raised local boy, I have close ties with the Lake Norman Airport because it is where I learned how to fly. I hope to bring a positive perspective on aviation to the Lake Norman community and build awareness about all the opportunities aviation offers. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals in aviation.

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