Flight School

If you’ve ever dreamed about true freedom, you’ll find becoming a pilot a dream-come-true. Flying removes boundaries; extends horizons. It brings you closer to the ones you love, and the places you like to be. Most important, being a pilot is a great adventure and like anything truly worthwhile, it is a journey.

The journey begins at Race City Flight Operations, the premiere flight school located conveniently in Mooresville, NC at the Lake Norman Airpark. You will learn in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere with knowledgeable, instructors who have a passion to teach. We use a fleet of  Cessna 172 Skyhawks that operate nearly identical to each other, making scheduling much easier for you as a thriving student. For the more advanced student seeking a multi engine, we use a Piper Seneca.

Learning to fly is an investment, an investment we’re certain can positively change your future – personally and professionally. In fact, you’ll find learning to fly is far more fun, convenient and affordable than you ever dreamed it would be. Now is the time to realize your dreams!

If you’re worried about paying for this investment, Race City Flight Operations is proud to be partnering with AOPA Financing. The Airplane Owners and Pilots Association has a long heritage of helping boost aviation in America and now helping students reach their goals without the fear of funding. Check with AOPA to get your financing started.

We offer Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi Engine and Flight Instructor. We have a variety of instructors to fit any personality.


Here are the steps to getting you in the Pilot's Seat

1. Discovery flight
Race City Flight Operations offers a hands-on intro flight called a Discovery Flight; the instructor will guide you through a preflight inspection, where you will learn the different airplane’s parts and flight controls. Then the instructor will take you on a thrill of a lifetime, letting you take control of one of our Cessna 172s for the first time. You’ll be able to record this time into your pilot logbook.
2. Get your Aviation Medical Certificate
A complete Medical exam is required to get your Student Pilot Certificate. There are a few health conditions that may prevent your pilot’s certificate. Medical examiners are located conveniently right here in Mooresville, NC.

Andrew Gross
131 Medical Park Drive, Suite 308
Mooresville, NC 28117
Bruce Seaton
357 Williamson Road

Mooresville, NC 28117

Thomas Gross
417 E Statesville Ave

Mooresville, NC 28115

3. Start your Flight Training
Our Cessna 172 rental cost is $140 per flight hour. Our instructors are $55 per hour. Your lesson with an instructor includes a pre-flight briefing, the actual flight and then a post-flight briefing. Your instructor might be with you for 2 hours, and you might fly for 1 hour and 18 minutes (1.3 hours). The total cost for this lesson in our Cessna 172 would be $292: $182 (airplane) and $110 (instructor). Later in your training, as you fly solo, the cost is only for the flight hours you fly.

Race City Flight Operations conducts several ground schools every year, both private pilot and instrument pilot, and these are in classroom lessons with a group of other students. For students who have a busy lifestyle, we offer an online ground school through Sporty’s that allows flexibility but still the same great content.

4. Study, Practice and Learn
Ground school studies and practice flights with your instructor will help you learn the principles of flight and will prepare you for your solo flight.
5. Make your First solo flight
Once you’ve reached a certain point in flight training, and your instructor feels you are ready, you will take your first solo flight. This means taking off, a short flight and a safe landing by yourself. It’s a pretty exciting day!
6. Fine Tune your skills
Fly as much as possible to gain experience and build upon everything you learned prior to your first solo flight, both with an instructor and on your own.
7. Take the written and flight exam
A written exam will precede your oral and flight exam with an FAA-designated examiner. The written exam consists of 60 questions and you have 2 and a half hours to finish it. Locations for written exams are here. This is like the final exam for flying. A typical oral exam will last 2 hours and a flight will last about 2 hours. The usual cost for the checkride examination is $600.
8. Keep Flying
Once you get your pilots certificate, get as much experience as possible, get involved and stay connected. Most importantly: Keep flying!


If you still have questions after reading this, please read through the FAA Student Pilot Guide. Even if you don’t pick Race City Flight Operations as your flight school, we are more interested in ensuring you become a safe and competent pilot, and can offer advice and mentorship along the way.