Aircraft Rentals

Whether you are planning a business trip or a family vacation, we have aircraft to fit your needs and affordable pricing. Renters have access to, an online scheduling system, where it’s quick and easy to reserve a rental aircraft on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advantages of Aircraft Rental
Saving time – Immediate Access-Ready to fly planes without the expense of ownership.
No Surprise Maintenance issues
If one airplane is down, you can always use another one
No Monthly Tie-down/Hanger Fees


Cessna 162 Skycatcher
$109/hr Wet (including fuel)
Designed to make the dream of flight a reality, the Skycatcher is the perfect entry-level aircraft with first-rate technology.


Cessna 172P Skyhawk
$130/hr Wet (including fuel)
Skyhawk is a top performer showcasing in agility, stability, and durable strength that Cessna is famous for.

*These rates do not include Instruction. Instruction is available.

All Rental Pilots must go through a Checkout for $190.00

All renters are expected to give a 24-hour cancellation notice or they will be assessed a $150 no-show fee to cover the cost of the aircraft time and instructor time not utilized. In addition, renters that show up for a flight lesson not prepared will be sent home and also charged $150 for not being properly prepared for their flight. Rental planes not picked up within 30 minutes of scheduled departure will automatically become available for other renters to use. Exceptions may be made if you call ahead and advise of a late arrival. It is Race City Flight Operations’ goal to always keep aircraft and instructors available to it’s customers to have the best possible customer service.