Useful Contacts

Race City Flight Operations Technician/FBO Supervisor
Fixed Base Operator (FBO) (704) 662-6227
Cessna Support Website and Service Documents 
Support:, YouTube Page:

Cessna requires registration with the site for access. Once access is granted, login to the customer access area, select the Technical Publications heading link, and then click the Aircraft Publications link from the drop-down menu. Next, you can select the Service Documents link under your Cessna model. The service document search screen allows you to search by document number, aircraft serial number, model, compliance, and document approval date.

Flight Service/IFR Clearance
(888) 766-8267
Statesville AWOS
(704) 873-1978
Charlotte Clearance
(704) 369-0241
Taxi Service
Yellow Cab (704) 662-9222
Car Rental
Budget / Avis (704) 663-7701
Enterprise (800) 736-8222
(704) 663-3826 (Local)
Thrifty (800) 847-4389
(704) 663-0054 (Local)
Hertz (704) 655-9191